July 2008

The right way of living is only living without hatred. – Chinmaya

In Bhagwad Geeta, the Lord says “I am the Father and Mother of this Universe”. Hence it is implied that Bhagawan’s love for us is infinite and unconditional. His love can be seen everywhere in the universe as parental love.

Just as the father and the mother expect their children to love and help each other and not to hate or fight with one another, in the same way, the Creator also has the same expectation from His children. Hence our primary duty is to fulfil this expectation of our Creator, and that itself is the right way of living.

A mahatma is the one who has mastered this right way of living and hence he is able to love everyone unconditionally.

Just as we cannot hate our hands, legs etc. because of our feeling of oneness throughout our body, a mahatma experiences this oneness with the entire creation. Thus rooted in this vision of Oneness, he lives majestically, embracing everyone in divine Love and spreading the message of peace and harmony.

Gautham Buddha was once walking through a dense forest. Suddenly a dacoit pounced upon Him with a dagger in his hand. Buddha remained unmoved, His face serene and peaceful, and His eyes reflecting His deep love and compassion. Not even a single wrinkle appeared on His face. The dacoit was stunned. Never in his life had he met a person who could stand absolutely fearless before him. To that dacoit, Buddha spoke in all sweetness. “O Mahatma! Is there something I can do for you?”

 Now that was another strong blow to the dacoit. This attitude of love and service even towards those who have come to loot and kill was something beyond comprehension for him. Moreover addressing a rank criminal as mahatma was unheard of. The dacoit fell at the feet of Buddha and later became His disciple.

The greatest power in this world is the power of love. Anything can be achieved by love but not by hatred. This love, when directed towards the Supreme Lord, attains its zenith. Such a foremost lover cannot but fall in love with the entire universe which is none other than His creation.

It is not practically possible to eliminate hatred without cultivating love. It is as impractical as removing darkness without bringing in light. Similarly to rise above all negativities, the best way is to cultivate positive virtues. Then the negative qualities will automatically find their own grave.

Thus living in divine love alone is the right way of living. This is the message of all our scriptures. This is the way all great men have lived.

Let us all follow our Masters and thus dedicate our lives in cultivating this greatest value of Universal Divine Love through sacrifice and service, remaining ever in tune with Him.

O   M         T   A   T         S   A   T

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