December 2012

Every sunrise is a message from God and every sunset is His signature. – Chinmaya

The above quote will make no sense to the modern man buried in his iPods and iPads, the internet and the mobile phones, busy with his career, business, or the stock markets… He has no time even to look at the sun! Being with the machines, he has become another machine, devoid of all noble emotions and feelings…

Let’s come out of the rat race, at least a few moments in a day, and watch this majestic cosmic happening in the infinite expanse of the sky.

What message does the sun bring along with it? Well, when we start pondering, the list appears unending!

The rising and setting sun serves as a reminder that the Lord is in full control of His creation – whether it is the heart’s beating or the sun’s heating. The message is clear: Why fear when God is here?

How to live life? Learn from the sun. It goes on burning itself down silently for the welfare of all, nourishing all with its heat and light. Lead a silent life of sacrifice and service, dedicating your entire God-given talents in the wellbeing of all.

The rising sun and the setting sun – both look exactly alike! No one can make the difference if asked to identify from a photograph. Always remain equanimous amidst the pairs of opposites ( like the joys and sorrows etc).

Every sunrise is fresh and new – no decrease in the brightness or temperature despite burning for millions of years! The exhaustion of the past is not carried forward to the present! Learn from the past but don’t live in it. Face life every day with a fresh mind without polluting it with the past regrets or future anxieties.

The sunlight waits outside a shut window or a closed door, making itself ever available to brighten up the dark room, but never forces its way in. Let us not force our opinion on others, but let us be ever available to serve.

Sun is self-effulgent. So too, the Self in us, the pure Consciousness, is that light of awareness because of which everything else is known, including our body and the mind. Hold on to God, the Pure Consciousness in us.

 In the presence of the sun, everything happens, but the sun ever remains detached from all these happenings. Serve all maintaining a healthy detachment from all.

Even when ignored by all, or disbelieved by the blind, the sunlight falls equally upon all without any discrimination. Love everyone unconditionally based on the vision of oneness.

The sun, a little closer, and we are burnt to death; a little away and we are frozen to death! Avoid all extremes. Follow the middle path. Be moderate in food, sleep etc.

Close the eyes – the sun becomes invisible. Press the eyeballs – the sun becomes double! The Truth, though self-evident remains ungraspable to the crooked minds. I am the one to be changed, not the world.

The rising or the setting of the sun is never doubted. Be consistent, and you become trustworthy.

The sun ever remains contented, not depending upon anyone for anything. Be a Master of all situations by ever remaining contented in the Self.

The sun’s rising and setting reminds us of the fleeting time. Time is precious. Never waste it.

A retreating sun? Never! With an understanding clear and the intentions noble, march ahead, unmindful of the criticisms and abuses en route; not a step backwards!

There are no two suns. You are unique and special in the whole cosmos. You are irreplaceable.

The sun rises and lo! The darkness disappears. So too with knowledge and ignorance. Attain Self-knowledge, the only solution to all sufferings born of ignorance.

To form the rain-clouds, the sun takes only the water-vapour from the ocean and leaves the salt behind. Pay attention to the goodness in others; ignore their weaknesses.

The sun serves us even in its absence in the night by making the moon a reflecting medium. Where there is a will, there is a way!

The sun’s hot rays of discipline and cool rays (through moon) of love – both are necessary for our growth and nourishment. Rich in love, strict in discipline – they form the rules in Parenting.

The stars boast of their brilliance only in the night. But with the rising sun, they fade away and disappear like the valour of the cowards. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

When difficulties and failures make our minds sway, have a look at the passing sun and say – Even this will pass away!

In life, every moment contains His message with His signature. The purpose of life is served once the message is decoded and the Messenger is identified. Then alone the Signatory is recognized!

O   M         T   A   T         S   A   T

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