April – 2008

To weep is folly and to smile is wisdom. Keep Smiling.

A close look at life gives enough reasons to weep!-painful birth in a filthy body, disease, old age, several limitations at the physical, mental and intellectual levels, uncertain future, impermanent relationships, and the worst of all-sure and unavoidable death! With such a fleeting tragic life, only an unintelligent fool will say “eat, drink and be merry”.

The Lord of this universe Himself has described his world as “Dukhaalayam, Ashaashwatam, Anityam and Asukham”, proclaiming that all pleasures of this world only end up in sorrow. Even the rank optimists cannot prove it otherwise. Given these harsh realities of life, the mantra ‘Keep Smiling’ is absolutely impractical unless one is well protected by the impenetrable armour of Self- knowledge.

Here the ‘smile’ referred to by Gurudev is not the artificial skin-deep smile divorced from the heart, but a smile reflecting a pure heart born out of wisdom and unconditional Love, which comes only with the proper assimilation of the essence of scriptural teachings. Hence one cannot but be serious about life to keep smiling!

For the one who has lived his life intelligently, with the senses fully tamed and the mind totally tuned to the Divine, his smile remains undiminished, irrespective of all vicissitudes of life. History has time and again proved this fact. What greater trial can one possibly undergo than the one faced by Jesus? But even on the cross He could pray “O Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”!

This is the true smile – where the intellect is crystal clear and uncompromisingly firm in the chosen ideal, but at the same time, the heart, loving and forgiving others unconditionally. Only a true devotee with unwavering faith in the Lord can do this wonder.

In a hospital, a 65-year-old man suffering from a minor ailment and a 12-year-old girl suffering from a terminal disease were admitted in the same ward. The old man was seen grumbling and complaining throughout the day narrating his hardships to the doctors and to everyone who passed by. On the contrary, this little girl, though knowing fully well that her days were counted, was seen cheerfully wishing the doctors with a warm ‘Good morning’ and consoling and delighting other patients! When she was asked about this uncommon behaviour, her answer was, “My beloved Krishna loves and cares for me so much!! He wants me to reach His abode as early as possible! I know that He is always with me and whatever decisions He takes is the best for me. So why fear ?”

It is this adamant faith in the infinite wisdom and unconditional love of the Supreme which makes a devotee strong and fearless, enabling him to smilingly face all challenges of life.

Hence holding on to Him, Keep Smiling!

O   M         T   A   T         S   A   T

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