August 2020

We think something is wrong with the outer world.; something is wrong with the Creator. The fact is Creator is supplying us with the best possible things. It is our unintelligent behaviour which is spoiling it. – Chinmaya

The Corona crisis continues, and there is a widespread concern among the masses regarding future uncertainties. Hence it becomes imperative to understand the spiritual perspective of the whole scenario.

In the Bhagavad Geeta there is a famous verse:

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । अभ्युथानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानम् सृजाम्यहम्||
(Whenever there is a decline in dharma, and an ascend of adharma, I manifest Myself.)

When a manufacturer designs a device, he thinks of all possible situations which the device might have to go through in the field of its operation. Hence the device is designed with an intrinsic protective mechanism by which it is capable of dealing with all possible emergencies. Such a device then becomes an intelligently designed one.

 Whenever (यदा) there is a crisis, then and there तदा) the protective mechanism comes into play and does the corrective measures. This ‘yada – tada’ relationship is found in all intelligently designed devices.

For example, whenever (yada) there is a sharp spike in the current or voltage, then and there (tada) the fuse wire is blown out and the device is protected.

Whenever there is a power failure, the elevators are designed to halt at the nearest floor with its back-up power supply. Likewise, computers are designed to store the unsaved files and shut down smoothly in the wake of an unexpected power failure.

Whenever (yada) there is an accident, then and there (tada) the seat belts and airbags become active to save the life of the traveller.

This vast creation of the Lord is also an intelligently designed one. Hence a ‘yada-tada’ relationship exists in this creation too, so says the above verse.

Let’s pay attention to our own body.

Whenever dust enters into our eyes, tears wash it away. Yada dust…tada tears! Tears don’t come all the time. It comes only when there is an emergency. Tears, without hurting the eyes, wash away the dust particles; and once the job is done, they withdraw themselves to the background.

In the same way, when dust enters the nose, sneezing happens. Whenever there is indigestion in the stomach, loose-motion happens. Whenever there is a fracture in the body, swelling happens to protect that part from further injury. When the body runs out of energy, hunger rings its alarm; and when it runs out of the water, the panic button called thirst gets pressed. There are such countless instances where the body functions in ‘yada-tada’ relationship.

We must indeed be grateful to the Lord for taking care of all the complicated functions of the body. We are able to fulfil our responsibilities in the world, only because there is Someone constantly at work, without a break, even at night, even in sleep. If we were given the responsibility of keeping ourselves alive, none of us would be alive even a moment!

 Amazing indeed is this divine creation called body where infinite intelligence of the Lord is seen even in small day to day happenings! mÉzrɳÉÌmÉ cÉ lÉ mÉzrÉÌiÉ qÉÔRû:- though we see, we fools don’t notice them.

Just as in the microcosm (body), this ‘yada-tada’ relationship is seen in the macrocosm (cosmos) as well. The Lord says in the above verse, whenever the functioning of this cosmos is messed up, I manifest Myself to set it right.

Corona Virus is, from a spiritual standpoint, such a divine manifestation.

We must say that this pandemic has struck us at the right time – a time when we all were busily exploiting the natural resources to the extreme… a time when industries were indiscriminately pumping chemical wastes into the rivers, and polluting the atmosphere with its poisonous fumes… a time when vast forest reserves disappeared to become commercial malls and skyscrapers… a time when mother earth was at the mercy of short-sighted politicians who, with their greased palms, sanctioned any environmental violation… a time when it was predicted that all the natural resources on this planet would be depleted in another 50 years… a time when very many species – animals and birds – had already become extinct… a time when the ecology kept giving warning signals of danger one after the other – such as ozone layer destruction, tsunamis,  floods, the global warming, and the melting of ice in the polar regions – but all fell into deaf ears… a time when even the international organizations for environmental protection became a helpless and mute witness to ongoing tragedy…  a time when we were helplessly watching ourselves cutting the very branch we sit upon…

At such times, indeed an Avatar was essential – an Avatar which would put a brake to this unhealthy, uncontrolled, and unintelligent indulgent materialistic ways of living.  Now that the human-beings had become helpless, an Avatar – a Power from the beyond- was an unavoidable necessity.

And that Avatar appears to be Corona.

Interestingly, the virus has been named as COVID. In Sanskrit, COVID means the one who is wise, experienced, an expert, an all-knower. Indeed, a perfect name for the Lord!

It is not necessary that Avatars must come only in human form. The Lord can take any form. He takes form according to the need of the hour. He took the form of a turtle to give a stable base to Mandara mountain while churning. Varaha avatar was taken to uplift earth from the waters of the deluge. Narasimha avatar was the result of the complicated conditions put forth by Hiranyakashipu. Vastra avatar appeared when Draupadi was in trouble in the evil assembly. Vishwa-Roopa avatar appeared on the battlefield to instil confidence in Arjuna.

Now the Lord decided He must appear as a virus!

May be He wanted to humble the pride of mankind bloated in pride of their scientific advancements. He wanted to show how insignificant and powerless human beings are who could not even resist the onslaught of a tiny little virus which doesn’t even weigh a milligram!

For the countries boasting of their atomic weapons,  an atomic creature has become the cause of sleepless nights!

And what were the after-effects of Coronavirus?

The reports say that within a few days the mother nature started showing the signs of healthy revival. Rivers became clean. Air quality considerably improved. Animals and birds celebrated the noise-free, pollution-free, and human-free environment. Various diseases related to air pollution reduced. Road accidents reduced drastically.

Lazy unhealthy habits like ‘eating out’ vanished. Aimless wanderings in malls and streets ceased. When maidservants were barred from entering the apartments, all couch-potatoes became busy cooking and washing, cleaning and mopping.

Corona taught people to live with the bare minimum, and to remain contented in it. Many became philanthropic, distributing food to the poor and needy, and experienced the joy of selfless service. Even street dogs were well-taken care.

The future uncertainties made prayers of the devotees more sincere and intense.

All were grateful to doctors, policemen, and others who were risking their lives in serving others even in such difficult times. Spiritual seekers found it a golden opportunity to withdraw and to go within.

It appears that Corona has taught us all the important spiritual lessons of life – to have control over the mind and the senses, to remain contented, to live in gratitude, to serve others selflessly, to surrender unto God, and to offer regular prayers unto Him!

Indeed, in all ways, Corona has become a blessing in disguise.

The world’s best brains are working hard, day and night, 24/7, to bring out a vaccine. Surely the vaccine will come, but only by His Grace. And only after He has achieved what He has intended to achieve.

Our prostrations unto that All-Compassionate, All-Knowing Lord whose ways, though unknown and mysterious, are always for the good of all!

O   M         T   A   T         S   A   T

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