“Really speaking, there is no final goal.

Outwardly, the sky is the limit. Inwardly also, one can improve. There is no room for complacence. There is more room for expansion outside and refinement inside. Thus, there is no full stop. Even in our Guru Dakshina – our offering unto Him – there is no question of fulfillment. Whatever you do is little. It is not even equal to what the Great Master has done. So, never can our Guru Dakshina be enough. Supposing we say that we have finished, then what will we do? So we keep on GIVING only.

“And in the performance of our daily activities,
I can only quote the words of Krishna in the Bhagavad Geeta,
‘Remember Me and do your duty !”
– Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda

At Chinmaya Mission, in keeping with the age-old tradition, knowledge is available for all and at no charge. 

The Indian tradition of Guru Dakshina is a way of showing gratefulness and respect to the Guru. The offerings received towards Guru Dakshina / donations are used for sustaining and furthering the propagation of spiritual knowledge and Mission activities. 

All donations are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Cheques / DDs may be drawn in favour of “Karnataka Chinmaya Seva Trust” 
Chinmaya Mission, Sharada Sannidhi, Hoige Bazar, Mangalore – 575 001
Karnataka, India

For details contact: +91 824 2446158

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