This e-gallery will provide some respite, rejuvenation, inspiration and re-orientation towards the purpose of life to those who are hard-pressed for time in this hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Those interested in listening to the complete talks may refer the audio section of the gallery for topic-wise uploads to prepare their minds to contemplate further. While there is no substitute for learning from a Guru, you can atleast start your journey remotely  when distance and time seem like limiting factors.

All have the right to gain spiritual knowledge. Let nothing stop you. Your spiritual progress will be the true Guru Dakshina at the feet of the Masters!

Karma Yoga – Talk in English by Swami Aparajitananda

Karma Yoga – Day – 01
Karma Yoga – Day – 02
Karma Yoga – Day – 03
Karma Yoga – Day – 04
Karma Yoga – Day – 05

Karma Yoga – Day – 06
Karma Yoga – Day – 07
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